Request for Proposals

Request for Proposals


Solicitation 2017-01
Solicitation 2017-01 Bid Tabulation

Solicitation 2017-02
Solicitation 2017-02 Bid Tabulation

Solicitation 2017-03
Surveying RFP 2017-03 Compiled
Pre-Bid Sign-in Sheets Solict. 2017-03 for Survey Svcs.

Solicitation 2017-06
Surveying RFP 2017-06 Compiled


Solicitation 2017-04
Engineering RFP 2017-04 Compiled
Pre-Bid Sign-in Sheets Solict. 2017-04 for Design Svcs.
East of Hudson Watershed Corporation is accepting bids for DESIGN of the Stormwater Retrofit Projects B-MU-602 and Carmel-GL-615.  The on-site pre-bid meetings for both projects will take place on Friday, March 24th.  Parties interested in B-MU-602 should meet at 10am at 787 South Bedford Road, Bedford NY (Sunnyfield Farm).  The pre-bid site meeting for Carmel-GL-615 will take place at 11:30am or shortly thereafter,  at the project site at 6 Willow Road, Carmel, NY.  Sealed bids will be accepted until 12pm on Friday, March 31st

Solicitation 2017-05
Engineering RFP 2017-05 Compiled

Solicitation 2017-07
Engineering RFP 2017-07 Compiled