Keeping Phosphorus in Place with Channel Stabilization

In December of 2021, we finalized the installation of Carmel-CF-601 with Wernert Construction, which is a channel stabilization project along Croton Falls Road in Carmel New York. Previously, this drainage path was heavily eroded. After several huge rainfalls in the past couple of years, there was deep scouring along the entire channel, leading to extreme soil loss with each storm. This channel needed to be stabilized to prevent further amounts of Phosphorus from leaching into the nearby Croton Falls Reservoir.

Below are photos from the construction of the channel, from Croton Falls Road.

We worked with KC Engineering to design a new channel shape and path that would minimize the amount of erosion possible through the usage of stabilizing matting along the stream bed. We also utilized varying sizes of stones and boulders to help dissipate the amount of energy in the stormwater. Along the way, invasive species were removed and new native species were planted to help facilitate a healthier ecosystem in the affected area.

Through this project, we have improved forest health, reduced tons of annual soil loss and also restricted the amount of Phosphorus that can enter downstream areas, hopefully leading to less algal blooms along the way. Here you can see the current success of the project!

acres of land treated
Pounds of Phosphorus removed annually by project
Pounds of algal growth removed from the watershed